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  Our Business

  We can say Japan is an indigenous business area due to its language barrier, distribution structure, or commercial custom.  For success in the Japanese market, a business partner in Japan is an indispensable and key success factor for a foreign player.  We support a supplier company from the view of national marketing in Japanese market. 

Business of SciTrove is differentiated from other distributors in Japan due to our business policy:
Appropriate marketing mix
We know each product has each target customer.  Target customers can be defined and identified based on broad knowledge of life science.  SciTrove approaches such targeted customers using website, advertisement, direct mail, face to face communication, demonstration or presentation adjusting nature of product.  SciTrove chooses appropriate marketing mix for each product attracting taget customers.
Commitment to limited number of supplier companies
SciTrove commits to limited number of supplier companies for success of their each valuable product.  We bury none of them in a thick catalogue showing products from hundreds of suppliers like other distributors do.  We highlight only limited number of products we deal with and realize market potential of each.
No cannibalization
SciTrove would have responsibility for client companies as the sole window of Japanese market.  Therefore, we make best efforts to understand advantages of each product against competitors' products, and do not deal with products which compete in the market each other.  We believe such strong commitment is important for long-term market success.
Customer support
SciTrove believes customer support is a key of market penetration for products in the field of life science.  Actually, scientists seek customer support especially for a new product.  That is because they are buying gutilityh of the product with the product itself.  In other words, a product with poor customer support is difficult to success in the market.  SciTrove also commits customer support in Japan closely cooperating with client companies to realize real value of each product.  At the same time, SciTrove has been acquiring trust of customers with its customer support.
Long term strategy
SciTrove seeks long-term relationship with supplier companies.  That is because it takes relatively long for customers to understand a new idea of a product in this market.  We also believe long-term relationship with supplier companies based on mutual trust is the unexchangeable value.

SciTrove is now supporting 4 supplier companies:
  • HybriBio Limited   HONGKONG
  • RBC Bioscience Corp.   TAIWAN
  • Cell Projects Ltd.   UK
  • Real Biotech Corporation   TAIWAN


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